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Causes why your Instagram posts get failed in 2018?

Causes why your Instagram posts get failed in 2018?

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Causes why your Instagram posts get failed

Instagram is one of the key platforms which is offering brand and customers to interact with each other. One of the digital marketing experts said that Instagram posts and audience can make a brand successful. This is quite right in its place and this is the reason most of the brands are diverting to Instagram. If you have the large engagement of Instagram you can get 15x traffic boost on your website. But all the posts are not that much effective we will see why they get failed to seek the attention of their audience.

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Links to Account Bio data is missing

All businesses have a lifeline you can make it offline or online. Instagram is the platform that makes you online and is the way that constantly increases your traffic if you use it effectively. If you want to increase the traffic on your website you have to add link or Call-to-Action on the Instagram. This is one of the key points on which most of the businesses never focus. If you don’t want to see failure you must put the button or the link in the bio data. This should be a clickable link.

Profile Pictures are missing

Designing profiles of the brand is always very difficult to set. But if you don’t have the profile picture your audience can think that you are not taking care of your brand and you can lose the audience easily. If you don’t have the profile picture on Instagram you can never retain the audience. You can place a profile picture with a clear message which can increase your audience.

Private Instagram accounts

If you are interested to have more followers then you should not set your profile as private because this method will never increase your followers. You have to go to every follower profile and send the request to them and it will take a lot of time to get accepted. Sometimes it takes hour or sometimes it takes a couple of days. The simple way to lessen your effort is making your Instagram account public instead of private.


Hashtags are not good for Instagram because too many hashtags can create the hassle. Expert says that Instagram post with 11 or more hashtags increases the customer interaction. On the other hand post with 2 hashtags also got a lot of interaction. Instagram gives 30 hashtags permission to its users. The solution can be that you can stick with the relevant keywords. Select 5 keywords which are famous for your brand. Phrase of the hashtag should be precise and well-known.

Images re posting

Some of the brands repost or duplicate the pictures again and again on the Instagram account which always disappoint the customers. You can duplicate but doing it too often is a bad activity. Always try to share some of the new images. Give your audience an entertainment through which they can interact with you and want to stay with you. This will increase your brand position in the market.

Simultaneously sharing of Images

Always give some gap when you are posting images on Instagram. If you will send too many images your followers will increase but you will lose the engagement of your followers. Use of some tools for posting can be helpful such as the buffer, and Hootsuite. This is the best way to schedule the post.

Low-Resolution Images

Images are the key feature of the Instagram so you have to share images with high quality. If the picture does not have good resolution then it will also lose the sale. So try to make your image in 1280*1280 to ensure the quality of the image. You can take the picture in natural light which will be clear enough to post on Instagram. Also, you can use some apps to enhance your image quality.

Unity in all images

If you want to make your brand famous in the Instagram you have to make images with unity. Your profile should not look like the scrapbook of high school otherwise it will lose the interest of your audience. Top brands are doing this that is the reason they are leading with a lot of followers on Instagram. You can take some tips to make cohesive images for a beautiful profile of Instagram. 


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