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How to monitor social Signals effectively in 2018

How to monitor social Signals effectively in 2018

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Top 5 best tools to Monitor Social Media Engagement

Social media Engagement is the famous search term of 2018. Everyone wants to use social media as a tool which can give the boost to their business. This process is very difficult for some of the social media users while the others are using a lot of tricks which are monitoring the traffic as well as retaining the traffic. We are here to guide you on this journey for the best results in future. Nothing becomes easy if you are not using tools for social media monitoring because you will never get the idea that how your marketing is going if you don’t have the stats. We will introduce you to some stats which will helpful for you in the social media engagement monitoring


When you want to measure that how your marketing is going you can use this and analyse which of your post is getting more audience engagement. Also, you can see the percentage and you can reduce the bounce rate by adding relevant content to your page and visitors will keep reading it again and again.

Social Signal Tracking

Google Analytics

You can now monitor each and every data with the help of Google Analytics. This will measure the data of your landing page behavior, tells you about the source of traffic, and overall traffic. This will give the comfort to the business persons and they will get the idea that which page is having more customer engagement. You can put good content on the page which is not having large traffic in order to increase the audience on that page.


Most of the business persons never think about the buyer behavior when setting up their brand. This is one of the biggest mistakes and every customer have some reasons when he is asking for a brand. Most of the time content plays important role in it. Now with the help of Peek real user will test your website and monitor that. This is one of the ideas which will increase your audience engagement.

Priceconomics Content Tracker

Content engagement is the must thing when you are marketing your brand on social media. This is the tool which can measure the engagement of your content. This also includes some of the other features such as sharing, likes on the content, and resulting adaptations. This is one of the content handbooks which is free and worthy if you read it because it will tell you how you can spread your content.


You can make some of the beautiful and engaging surveys with the help of this tool is free. You can use the surveys for your audience for the qualitative insight which will tell you the current position of your content marketing and what your audience wants to see. This will also make your audience stick to your brand.


These are some of the top tools in social media monitoring. They are working as the top performers and trusted by famous content marketers. Also, new ideas are coming and are in the way with free or paid access. But these ideas fulfil the need of every marketer who wants to market brand on social media.


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